"Wrapped in country music, Katy Frame and Marie Cecile Anderson bring beautiful looks and voices to audiences across the nation" - Interview with Splitsider

"Sweetly crass and full of sass." - Indiewire.com

"New York-based musical comedy duo Reformed Whores have always had a lot to say about what it means to be a modern woman." - Huffington Post

"They're sweet, they're adorable and they have an eye for the hilarious. Oh, and they have mouths like sailors - very funny, astute sailors." - Nashville Scene

"These girls put the “O” in country!" - Brooklyn Paper

"Delightfully twangy, hilariously filthy country songs." - Brokelyn

"It’s hard to tell which is more impressive, their harmonies or their wit." - Nerve

"A funny take on reproductive rights, but it's also an important contribution to the mosaic of statements defending the power and practicality of the pill." - BUST Magazine

"In the wake of Rush Limbaugh's Slut-Gate, the Reformed Whores are now my favorite band--and they make me proud to be a fellow college-degree-holding, responsible-birth-control-using slut." - Glamour Magazine

"It's been said that guys think about sex every eight seconds. Well, Refomed Whores are a duo of country girls who might have us beat." - MTV's Guy Code Blog

Charleston City Paper , January 2014     Read Full Article Here

Charleston City Paper, January 2014

Read Full Article Here

Sports Illustrated , November 2015     Read Full Article Here

Sports Illustrated, November 2015

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The Washington Post , November 2015     Read Full Article Here

The Washington Post, November 2015

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Edinburgh Fringe 2017

"Genuinely endearing and unflinchingly upbeat." 

★★★★ - Broadway Baby

"A hilarious blend of country and comedy that would make your grandmother blush."

★★★★ - Young Perspective

"Grand Ole C*ntry is one of the most entertaining and naughty hours you can find at the Fringe."

★★★★ - The Student Newspaper

"A magnificently bawdy celebration of female sexuality."

★★★ - The List